Social Responsibility & Charitable Projects

A Meal for a Good Cause

We combine core values with restaurant resources and power to make a difference in society and the environment

We are dedicated to deepening its impact on society and the environment, utilizing its restaurant resources and strength to align with its core values. Whether it’s through charitable fundraising events, or reaching out to rural communities for educational outreach, MMHG is determined to do its part for society and spread positive influence.

2022 A Feast of Goodwill : Sinasera24 x MUME Charity Dinner

At the invitation of Chef Nick Yang from Sinasera 24, known for his deep connections to the land of Taitung, several renowned Taipei restaurants including AShin koryouri and YouZhi unite for a series of six charity dinners in Taitung called “Planting Seeds of Hope.” The profits from these dinners will be donated to Changbin Junior High School, and participating chefs will also visit the school to share their knowledge with students and open a new window for culinary and hospitality education.

2022 Searving Love with Every Dish : The Chef Social Responsibility ( CSR ) Event for Animal Welfare

14 top chefs in the culinary industry come together at the Regent Hotel to present the “Chef Social Responsibility: For the Love of Cuisine Charity Dinner”. All proceeds from the dinner will be donated to two animal welfare organizations in Taiwan, the Taiwan Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals ( TSPCA ) and Noah’s Ark Prevention of Animals Non-profit Organization. These organizations work towards investigating animal abuse cases, promoting animal welfare education, and providing care for senior and disabled dogs and cats. The aim is to raise awareness and create a more compassionate environment for stray animals, bringing warmth and positivity to society.

2021 Spread Kindness and Support to COVID-19 Frontline Heroes

“Spread Warmth, Taiwan Conquers COVID” Charity Food Delivery Event, initiated by the iSee Taiwan Foundation and Sayling Wen Cultural & Educational Foundation Foundation, with special steamed sandwitches ( Gua-bao in Taiwanese ) made by the MUME team, delivered by 5 Tokyo Olympic athletes as luck ambassadors, to 101 front-line COVID-19 units throughout Taiwan, such as police stations, fire departments, and hospitals. The Gua bao, also known as “Tiger Bites Pig,” conveys the positive meaning of spreading good fortune and hope. The goal is to do one’s part in overcoming the COVID-19 situation in Taiwan and to deliver blessings and perseverance to the heroes on the front line in their journey to conquer COVID-19.

2018 Food Story Bus : Local Ingredients x Asia’s Top 50 Chefs x Food Education

Food Story Bus – A Mobile Kitchen Initiative, launched by the Hsin Yi Foundation, with 40 years of experience in children’s education management, and Green & Safe, this initiative brings the team from MUME to rural schools in Pingtung. Featuring the theme of onions from Checheng in Pingtung County, three dishes are designed and served, including French Onion Soup, Onion Tomato Salad, and Miso Pork with Caramelized Onion Rice. Children will have a complete, star-quality dining experience while reading storybooks featuring local ingredients. With guidance from chefs, kids will learn the value of local ingredients, understand the cultural and historical background of the food, and make healthy and delicious food choices. They will also learn about the science behind cooking and develop a sense of pride and connection to their local land, discovering the unique features of their hometown and inspiring a better future.

Sustainability in Action

Creating a Positive Impact

We believe the choices we make about food have a powerful impact on the health of individuals, communities and the environment.

2022 MUME’s Night of Sustainability: Giving Innovative Value to Surplus Ingredients

MUME and Flor de Caña Rum, a globally-renowned sustainable spirits brand, present a limited-time “Classic Tasting Night”. MUME utilizes “leftover ingredients” typically discarded by restaurants and incorporates locally sourced ingredients such as Taiwanese corn, tea, bananas, tapioca, and millet into their cocktails, infusing the creations with sustainable food-centric thought. Experience the delightful flavors of the Classic Tasting Night, a unique blend of food and drink with a focus on sustainability.

A Degradable Solution for Sustainable Dining : Dine with Eco-friendly Tableware at baan

The Thai restaurant baan uses eco-friendly tableware and straws from the Dutch brand Zuperzozial. The tableware is made from bamboo fibers and corn starch, and is both heat-resistant and lightweight. It is also visually appealing, environmentally friendly, and practical, and now available at TASTE by MMHG.

2021 Live Talk at the Legislative Yuan : Promote Eco-conscious Living and Sustainable Practices

In October 16, 2020, the Legislative Yuan Sustainable Development Goals Promotion Association was established with the aim of linking the triangular partnership of government, business, and citizens to create a better Taiwan. MMHG founder, Richie Lin, was invited to a live broadcast with the Vice President of the Legislative Yuan to discuss how to practice sustainable environmental protection in the catering industry. During the broadcast, Chef Lin mentioned that his restaurant baan uses environmentally friendly tableware and purchases fruits and vegetables directly from local farmers to reduce carbon emissions caused by international transportation, helping everyone to understand the connection between sustainability and food.

2022 VERSE Sustainable Culture Festival : MMHG was Invited to Share about Sustainable Ingredients and Zero-waste Cooking.

Founder Richie Lin shared that sustainability is demonstrated in various aspects, from ingredient sourcing, restaurant environment, transport packaging, to employee welfare. Regarding ingredients, they procure from farms and suppliers with sustainable certifications, such as those practicing organic and eco-friendly farming and those producing seasonal and local products. They also prioritize using local ingredients over imported ones, even if it means higher costs. Furthermore, the team advocates for zero waste and aims to use every ingredient in a dish, instead of discarding those with poor appearance or taste. They exercise creativity to incorporate all ingredients, even if it requires more time and effort to prepare.

Support Local Farmers and Promote Fresh Local Produce

TASTE by MMHG presents a selection of seasonal fruit boxes featuring locally sourced produce from small farmers. Unlike other fresh ingredient boxes that cater to home cooking needs, TASTE focuses on the curation of high-quality ingredients from small farmers, personally visited and selected by our team. Our seasonal and locally sourced fruit and ingredient combinations are presented in a fun and unique way, offering customers a one-of-a-kind experience with local flavors.

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