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Beyond the Restaurant

Illuminating the culinary world through cross-industry and international collaborations and events, fostering close relationships with renowned chefs and hosting joint dinners to spark unique culinary experiences, elevating the visibility of Taiwanese cuisine and ingredients on the global stage. Bringing food to life in a diverse array of forms and creating more connections and conversations between people.

International Event

2020 Host the World’s Largest Culinary Gathering, The Grand Gelinaz Shuffle in Taichung
2021 Collaborate with Renowned Chefs at the Exquisite Cultural Cuisine Forum hosted by the Taiwan Insight Foundation
2021 Co-present the International Chefs Summit Asia ( ICSA )
2017 / 02 Participated in Charity for Elephant Sanctuary Event in Phuket
2017 / 10 Co-founded ICSA (International Chefs Summit Asia)
2018 / 03 First Taiwan Restaurant Showcased in the Asia’s 50 Best Talk Forum
2018 / 10 Co-founded ICSA ( International Chefs Summit Asia )
2018 / 12 Received Asia Fashion Award on Food Category
2019 / 06 Sanriku Gastronomy Conference for Japan
2018 / 03 Presented a “Six-Hand” Dinner in RE-FOOD Forum in Bangkok
2019 / 01 First Taiwan Restaurant showcased in Madrid Fusion, the Biggest Gastronomy Conference in the World
2019 / 06 Invited as International Guest Chef in St. Petersburg Gourmet Days in Russia
2019 / 09 Joined and Host dinner in World Gourmet Festival Bangkok
2019 / 09 Host Hong Kong Sotheby’s VIP Dinner
2019 / 09 Attended in Jakarta Culinary Festival
2019 / 10 Participated in Kobe Beef Summit Japan
2019 / 11 Conducted Morgan Stanley Global Dining Series
2019 / 12 Invited and Visited Korea Banchan Road Culinary Exchange on Making Tasty Kimchi and learning its cultural significance

Cross-Industry Cooperation

2021 The Artistic Banquet of Dance and Cuisine: Little Ant & Robot Café
2022 A Journey Embarking on the Flavors of Hong Kong
2022 Collaborative Dinner with Royal Copenhagen

Product Development

2022 Introducing Exquisite Mid-Autumn Mooncake Gift Boxes with a Tea Lounge Aesthetic Theme
2022: MUME and Succuland, a Meaty Plant Design Brand, jointly Launch a Mid-Autumn Gift Box
2023: Launched Exclusive Luxury Salty Seafood Roe Egg Rolls Festival Gift Box
baan x PCHome : Best-Selling Michelin-Recommended Thai Hot Pot and Dry Noodles
MMHG X Green & Safe: Four gourmet home-cooked dishes for your dining pleasure
TASTE by MMHG 2021 Debuts Exquisite Lava Mooncake Gift Set
MMHG x Ishimoto Atelier : Create Premium XO Sauce and Spicy Tomato Sauce

Sustainability Promotion

2021 Legislative Yuan Sustainable Action Live Stream: Sustainable Eating, Let’s Go! A Discussion on Sustainable Dining.
2021 Nespresso Collaborates with Chefs to Create Sustainable Catering by Using Coffee Grounds for Organic Vegetable Cultivation
2022 VERSE Cover Story: Choosing the Future We Want with Food Sustainability Keywords
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