MMHG Founded in 2020 by Michelin chef Richie Lin, the MUME Hospitality Group (MMHG) is critically acclaimed with four restaurants including MUME, Le Blanc, baan and Coast. Besides winning multiple prestigious dining awards from all over the world, they are frequent winners of international restaurant reviews.
Committed to creating dishes with beautiful flavors, the Group is dedicated to taking Taiwan’s dining to the next level through constant innovation and improvement. In the meantime, local ingredients are given center stage to make sustainable development and eco-friendliness a reality.
Michelin One Star
2018 - 2020
Asia's 50 Best Restaurant
2017 - 2021
Flor de Caña Sustainable Restaurant Award
Michelin Plate
Le Blanc 2018 - 2020
baan 2020

Vision and Mission

Internationally-minded Local Taste

MMHG has built a deep understanding of the land by finding the unique flavors of Taiwan from locally-grown ingredients. The more authentic and local the restaurants are, the better they can show the world the essence of Taiwan.

Keeping Up with the World

MMHG is committed to providing world-class catering employment opportunities by training local talents at the highest standards while attracting industry experts.

Growth from Innovation

The team is encouraged to explore, innovate, grow and learn from each and every stage, from developing a dish to innovative enterprise solution.

Sustainability, Co-prosperity, Environmental Responsibility

MMHG believes in environmental responsibility and co-prosperity. To this end, the group makes the most of seasonal and local ingredients as well as biodegradable tableware.

Our Restaurants

MMHG has four restaurants with different concepts, including MUME, the highest-ranking restaurant in Taiwan for Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants (2019-2021), American steakhouse Le Blanc, Thai family cuisine bann and modern coastal Thai cuisine COAST. While the themes vary, they are united in the mission of exploring the world of gourmet food and sharing the pure joy of dining.


MMHG x Green & Safe : Chef’s Home Cuisine MMHG x Green & Safe : Chef's Home Cuisine Green & Safe collaborated with MMHG (MUME Hospitality Group) to create frozen meals. Green & Safe offers selected premium local ingredients with no additive to realize their vision of “real food.” Chef Richie created 4 products, allowing people to enjoy the finer things in life even though eating out was a less viable option due to the pandemic. See More The 2021 iSee Gastronomy Forum The 2021 iSee Gastronomy Forum Invited by the Ministry of Culture, iSee Taiwan Foundation organized the 2021 iSee Gastronomy Forum with chefs from all over the world interpreting local ingredients with an international twist. The spotlight was on Richie Lin from MUME who combined the traditional Spanish delicacy of Amanida Catalana with Taiwanese spring roll wrapper. See More A Feast of Dance and Food: Little Ant & Robot: A Nomad Café A Feast of Dance and Food: Little Ant & Robot: A Nomad Café The up-and-coming Taiwanese dancer Huang Yi created the first immersive repertory theater piece dancing with a robot. Huang Yi turned daily tasks in a café such as food preparation, cleaning and plating into part of the choreography with the help of Michelin chef Richie Lin as consultant. Time and space intertwine to present a feast featuring the past, present and future. See More MMHG x Ishimoto Atelier : Premium XO Sauce Development MMHG x Ishimoto Atelier : Premium XO Sauce Development Chef Richie Lin collaborated with the up-and-coming Ishimoto Atelier to launch 3 products, including the Premium Scallop XO Sauce , the Spicy Hokkaido Scallop XO Sauce and Tomato Confit Chili. The sauces showcase Richie Lin’s expertise in making the most of the ingredients’ textures and flavors. The result? A winning collaboration! See More

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