About Chefs4Farmers

Chefs4Farmers is a California based nonprofit organization. We work with the world’s master chefs to support farmers by creating recipes for agricultural products that need demand creation. Together with chefs and farmers, we advocate for organic, sustainable, and regenerative farming that is friendly for the environment.

What we do?

In 2019, we worked with World’s-50-Best chef Joshua Skenes at San Francisco, Asia’s-50-Best chef Pim Techamuanvivit at Bangkok, and Asia’s-50-Best chef Richie Lin at Taipei, to created five recipes for pineapple, banana, pumpkin, onion, and red beans.

The goal is to support farmers facing global warming-induced bump harvest and supply/demand imbalance. In 2020, we are currently working with Master chefs in Taiwan and Japan on five more recipes to support indigenous tribes in Taiwan, and higher value agricultural products for farmers who pivoted from tea and tobacco due to the vanishing market.

Please join us to help farmers and our environment. We are looking forward to seeing you through TV, YouTube, and Netflix.


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